READ Around the City


The first annual Read Around the City event was successful. Over 30 students enjoyed the time to read and share great books with fellow readers. The next Read Around the City will be held October 24th at the Rockford Dam. A bus will take the readers to their location and bring them back to school by 4:30. Students need to make ride arrangements home from school.


Parents Needed!


Northview Crossroads Middle School is looking for parents who would like to volunteer. The are multiple ways parents can volunteer:

Northview Education Foundation is looking for trustees and people to help with events.
Crossroads PTC (the next meeting is Tuesday September 18 at 2:30 in the IMC)
Lunch in the Library (All students are invited monthly to attend this event in the IMC. A special lunch is provided. A “reader” will share great books with kids)

Welcome Wildcats!


This promises to be a great year as we grow as readers and writers.  For class you will need two spiral notebooks, sticky notes,a pocket folder, writing utensils, and a good book.  Please bring these materials with you each day as we will read and write together.

In addition to reading and writing in class,  you will read and write outside of class as well.  Each night, you will need to block out 20-30 minutes for reading and update your reading record. Every Friday, you will need a parent/guardian signature. The signature represents academic integrity. To grow as a writer, you will need to write a minimum of 3 entries per week.