Writing Structures that Help Us Organize Our Writing


Kernel Essays provide a structure  to plan a piece of text. They provide structure and a starting point for each students’ writing. We completed three kernel essays in class.  Below are the text structures for each one we wrote. Students will select one kernel essay to develop into a full essay.

A Memory

1. Where I was, what I was doing

2. What happened first

3. What happened next

4. What happened last

5. Final thoughts

Discovering a Lie

1. What I believed

2. But then I found out

3.So now I know

4. What I think of the person who lied

Tribute to Person Who Taught You Something

1. What the lesson in

2. Flashback to the lesson

3. Description of person

4. Words the person said

5. What you wish you could find out now from the person


1. I did this

2. Because of

3. What I was hoping for

4. But instead this happened

5. So now I think


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